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Just Local Numbers focuses solely on providing businesses with local numbers and call handling services.

Your business may need a local presence. Why not get an 01 or an 02 number from us today and forward it to your mobile, a land-line or choose one of the many options available for call handing.

Just Local Numbers can go where you go. No more cancelling your number and reapplying for a new one should you move location. If your business relocates your number will relocate with you, saving you money on your company stationery and giving your customers seamless access to your business.

Just Local Numbers is part of a group of companies headed up by Barritel Ltd, an Ofcom-licensed and approved telecommunications provider.

As a group, we position ourselves at the high-quality end of the market with a company ethos that derives from each member of our team wanting to do the best job they can. We do this not just for you the customer because you deserve a good standard of service, but because we only hire people who have pride in what they do and how well they do it.

We believe this makes us the best choice for businesses who want a professional and reliable service.

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